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Student life at Concord Academy

Concord Curriculum


The General Education “Core Curriculum”

The general curriculum incorporates basic academic instruction in a variety of math, English, science, social studies, computer applications, fine arts and fitness/wellness classes to meet the state requirements for earning a regular high school diploma. Preparation for the satisfactory completion of the Tennessee Gateway Competency Tests is incorporated into all appropriate subjects. Spanish is offered for students who wish to meet college entrance requirements or who desire to learn a foreign language

Concord Academy is a state-approved, private, non-profit school. Its instructional programs satisfy state requirements, and students who meet these requirements receive a regular traditional diploma. The state-approved curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of students according to a realistic, yet challenging, pace for learning based on the students” abilities and achievement. A low student-teacher ratio is maintained to provide maximum attention to individual needs. Concord Academy’s programs include:

The Concord Academy Middle School (or Junior High) is comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  Curriculum is specifically geared to each student’s individual functioning level.  Some courses are rotated annually to meet all State requirements.

  • Math
  • Language Arts (spelling, English, reading)
  • Social Studies (US Geography, Tennessee History, US History, World History)
  • General Science (Earth, Life, Physical Science)
  • Art
  • Music Appreciation
  • Computer Instruction
  • Health/Physical Education

Concord Academy’s 9th through 12th grade high School curriculum is flexible and modified to meet the individual needs of our students.  Some elective courses are rotated in order to meet students’ needs; some classes are “electives” or IEP-directed, non-credit courses.  Students also take all Sate-mandated competency and end-of-course examinations.  Concord modifies curriculum as needed and follows graduation requirements to remain in alignment with all  State requirements.

  • Language Arts (Reading, English, Creative Writing, Journalism, Study Skills)
  • Mathematics (Foundation, Consumer/Applied Math, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry)
  • Social Studies (World Geography, World History, US History, Economics, Government, Contemporary Issues)
  • Science (Biology, Physical Science,  Anatomy & Physiology, and one additional advanced lab course)
  • Health/Fitness/Wellness
  • Fine Arts (Art History/Appreciation, Music History/Appreciation)
  • Family and Consumer Science (Teen/Adult Living, Independent Living)
  • Vocational (Computer Applications, Personal Finance, Transition)
  • Social Skills (Business and Personal Communications, Peer Helpers)
  • Foreign Language (Spanish)
  • Study Skills

Transition and Life Skills Curriculum

Courses in Teen-Adult Living, Transition Math, and Transition help prepare students to become independent, contributing members of the family and the community. These classes are designed primarily for students with whose IEP team members have determined that they require specialized programs geared towards an alternative curriculum that focuses on life skills that are functional, chronologically age-appropriate, taught in community-based natural environments, and in integrated settings. This curriculum is based upon state-approved standards-based curriculum guides. The primary goal of these classes is to prepare students to function effectively in current and future home, school, community, and work environments. Students enrolled in these classes earn a high school certificate and typically go on to participate in a post-secondary transition classes.  Unique to our program are implementation of strategies/or program that are geared specifically toward students’ unique needs.