Founded in 1983, Concord Academy is the product of a group of parents who recognized that their students with learning disabilities were quickly falling behind their peers in large and highly competitive, educational settings. These founding parents realized that students with special needs often have a painful awareness that they are “different” and experience great frustration when they cannot “get” simple, everyday tasks that others master with ease.

Therefore, Concord was established to provide the best education and environment for students’ growth in all aspects of development including specialized academic instruction, social skills and vocational guidance. We believe in offering exceptional programs for exceptional students

Concord Academy is carrying out the vision of the founding parents by providing a positive atmosphere while challenging students to reach their personal best and become independent, contributing members of society. Since its inception, the school has served over 800 students. To date, 91% of all Concord graduates have satisfied state requirements to earn a regular diploma and have entered community colleges, universities, vocational-technical schools and productive employment.