Life After Concord

The paths our graduates take are as unique and individual as the students themselves. After leaving Concord, our graduates go on to universities, community colleges, technical schools, para-college programs, employment, and other meaningful placements. 

Kendall, Class of 2017

After High School, Kendall started working towards her professional career in technology. She completed a Google course of study which helped land her a job as an IT professional. She started her own independent game development business where she employs people from all over the globe. She plans to release her latest project, Dragon Acres, to Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Jake, Class of 2019

Jake completed the TigerLIFE program at University of Memphis in 2020 and is a talented drummer. He currently works at a manufacturer/distributor of home organization tools. He’s also a big Memphis Tiger fan and was manager for the Tiger football team in their 2019 season.

Sarah, class of 2022

Sarah is attending the University of Memphis and has a part-time job as a server in a local restaurant where she interned her senior year at Concord. She loves animals and science! Her best memories of Concord are Senior Prom and making new friends. 

Josie, class of 2019

Josie works on her family’s farm and loves all the animals — and they love her back! As a senior at Concord, she interned at a veterinarian’s office and she also completed a job shadow with the Tennessee Equine Hospital. She is an accomplished barrel rider and competes regularly. She trained her own registered service dog, a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer named Chance, who never leaves her side.

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