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Emily Stalcup

Emily Stalcup attended Concord Academy from 2007 to 2014. When we visited, Emily recognized several students from her previous school. She was so excited and wanted to attend Concord Academy for her 7th grade year. Emily started school at Concord Academy and life has never been the same! If I had to describe Emily's school experience, it would be like climbing a staircase. If you stand at the bottom and look up to the top, a staircase can look overwhelming and difficult. One step at a time is challenging, yet manageable, and even enjoyable. The handrails of Emily’s staircase were the teachers, parents, and friends who were there to make sure she stayed on the right path, moving up. The teachers at Concord were loving, persistent, knowledgeable and focused on helping Emily reach her goals. They worked closely with Emily, her father and I to strengthen areas that needed improvement and to reduce behaviors that needed modification. At Concord, Emily was able to experience all the normal high school activities including: - Learningnew material and how to take tests - Making friends - Attending prom and other school functions - Beinga cheerleader - Assisting in fundraisers - Going on overnight trips - Participating in talent shows - Participating in a job shadowing experience - Attending educational seminars about navigating in the real world Emily still has things to learn, but she knows how to ask for help to get the information she needs. My husband and I look back over her years at Concord and are amazed how much she has matured and grown, we have been blessed to be a part of the Concord family! When Emily reached the top of her staircase, she looked back and saw how far she went. More importantly, she can now look up and and know she is ready for the next level, and that she has options! The next level for Emily is still being decided. At this time, Emily has been accepted to the Tiger Life Program at the University of Memphis, and has participated in a vocational training evaluation at the Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation program headquarters in Smyrna, TN.  
Parents of Emily Stalcup