We know Concord Academy is an amazing school for your child to learn and grow at. But please, don’t take our word for it. Read the testimonials from some of the parents that have trusted us with their children and their education…

Elle Bosserman

We saw an old classmate of Elle’s tonight. She is a grade below Elle, with similar learning styles. Elle said “hi” to her friend. Elle then turned to the friend’s mom and asked, “Could I tell you about my new school Concord that has made my life so much better?”  She sounded like a commercial listing off all of the things she loves about Concord. After TEN minutes I told Elle she could say one more thing. She finished with, “My mom found the school online, you can too”. The friend’s mother could not believe how Elle’s confidence has grown, and said she might very well call. I’m not sure there’s a nicer compliment out there than to have a student who loves your school as much as Elle does! Melissa Bosserman
Melissa and Kelly Bosserman