Concord Academy is successful because we….

  • Provide a caring environment, small classes, small student-to-teacher ratios, personal attention, acceptance, and respect.
  • Group students according to skill level.
  • Offer a flexible, modified curriculum in ALL subject areas.
  • Present material in smaller increments by breaking complex concepts into simple steps.
  • Require less “busy” work, smaller assignments, and increased time to complete assignments.
  • Teach competency skills required to earn a regular diploma and build a strong general knowledge base.
  • Challenge students to reach their personal best in all areas by presenting them with achievable goals thereby building self-esteem and confidence.
  • Incorporate multi-sensory methods of instruction, guided practice, and repetition.
  • Provide typical high school social opportunities and enriched experiences through activities such as Spirit Week, field trips, school dances, an awards banquet, a prom, and graduation ceremony.
  • Encourage and arrange school and community service experiences.
  • Teach the “whole child” by providing social, emotional, pre-vocational, transitional, as well as academic guidance.
  • Address social skills and character development throughout the school day to promote proper behavior and improved decision-making skills.
  • Provide awareness of learning differences and disabilities, career awareness, and health awareness.
  • Offer classes in transition and teen/adult living, relationship skill building, and conflict management to promote health and career awareness.
  • Offer on-site group therapy and counseling with a licensed professional counselor.
  • Offer multiple, on-site computer-based remediation programs that can help to minimize cognitive deficits as a part of our standard curriculum.